Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Choose Exile

As quoted by Richard Wright "It was only in America where so much freedom is lacking that one hears long and impassioned arguments about freedom . .. It is like listening to a starving man tell of his need for food." Upon reading and repeating these words over and over in my head I am baffled by the decision of do I agree with his statement or do I disagree. For one I will agree to disagree so to say. I can say the words he chose we're indeed wise for they apply to the times of both past and present day today, everyone quenches for the thirst of being free or the thought of living in a ideal free world. Where we are not upheld by the restrictions of man or the restrictions society holds us by, but are all treated equally and given a fair chance to live life and experience the same golden opportunities without judgement or exclusion by race, sex or religion. I can say that us as Americans do lack the freedom that our Amendments promise us...the freedom of speech or the right to bear arms for example. In my opinion Freedom or the idea of being "free" is the solid barrier that allows us to come as we are and change ourselves for the better not because we have to just to live up to society's standards and other's expectations but because it's our god-given choice and our decision to do so. Are there other individuals of all parts of the world who have an idea or opinion of what freedom can either mean or be? Yes. We all are different, we each have an opinion some different from others. There are some experiences in life that hits close to home for some people that makes them eager to want to know how and what life is like in the eyes of the next person or how life is lived across the globe in this place. Do I think the United States is the only country that lacks freedom? No. Are there others out there? Yes. The only difference between us and the rest of the world is that here in America; we promote Freedom like an ad in the newspaper. If you come here all the options and opportunities in the world are open and available to your demand whenever you want and however you want it, when in reality it is far from the truth. It's like the old saying goes "All that glitters, isn't golden." and in America's case everything you see and hear about here isn't as glamorous as it appears. We work, we Struggle, and we have our hard times. Nothing is served on a silver platter nor is anything as easy as it seems.