Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Understanding Power II The Ideologies that lie within Soviet Russia, U.S and the Space race

In Today's class discussion In LIB 100 we discussed briefly on how to understand powers that lie within our country using various forms of Isms (Ideas). Such Ideologies that I come face to face with my topic is the ideology of both Communism and Capitalism.
In the following document which I will use as a secondary source for my research actually focuses upon the two opposing Ideologies and how they both represent both countries and the beliefs they hold in the competition and rivalry that is the space race.

Ideologies and Description of Space Race

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  1. Hey Nyashia - Looks like you have some good sources and ideas here - keep in mind your link is to another teacher's handout that's drawing on a lot of other sources, so you want to think of it as something like wikipedia - a starting point but ultimately note one of the sources you draw on. Eventually you want to think about what it means for the U.S. to use space as a way to exert power - is this a form of imperialism too? Or something else?